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Being in the market for more than 15 years, we have created many FinTech solutions for our clients in the UK, Turkey, EU, Middle East, Azerbaijan, and Cyprus.

Some of our prominent clients are given below:

Denizbank is another big bank in Turkey. We developed many web-based and mobile solutions for them including their popular apps YiHuDeniz Kabugu, and many modules of fastPay.

Ecospend is a leading Open Banking Third Party Provider, authorized by the FCA for AISP and PISP services. Blue Wisdom has been providing management, architectural design, and implementation services for building their Open Banking platform since 2018. Currently, Ecospend can provide payment and data services from 50+ banks in the UK and dozens of banks in the EU. In December 2020, Ecospend has been awarded by the HMRC the largest Government tender, which allows the HMRC to collect tax paymentsusing Open Banking. Blue Wisdom has been helping Ecospend to build this solution and it is live now.


OkiDokiDo is a platform of digital contents that are solely created for pre-school children to teach them the basics of their ages in an entertaining way. The platform runs on iOS, Android and web. It is also the name of the company, which is established in London in May 2017. We have created both the product and the company.

Akbank is one of the biggest banks in Turkey. We developed tens of software solutions for them, including web based core banking modules, mobile banking, charge back management system, and many more.

We are providing development, analysis, and consultancy services for HSBC Turkey to migrate their existing legacy core banking system to interVision, a banking system developed by Intertech, for which we also provide end-to-end software development services.

DHB Bank is a bank that is operating in Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. We developed their core banking system and customised it to the local requirements of the three countries.

Hayat Varlik is the leading asset management company in Turkey. It operates under the banking regulations. 

We have been developing their customer facing system as well as the back-end system, which is very similar to banking systems.

We developed the credit module of core banking for Sberbank Europe AG (Austria) from scratch as a turn-key software project.

Odeabank is a new but a very active bank in Turkey. After their establishment they purchased interVision, the core banking system by Intertech. We worked to adapt interVision to their requirements, deployed the system, and provided support & maintenance service for about 2.5 years. 

Universal Bank is one of the largest banks in Northern Cyprus. We have been providing development and consultancy services for them.

Is Investment is the number one investment bank in Turkey. We developed most of the modules of their modern web based system to migrate to their legacy system into open web technologies.

We worked in adapting and deploying interVision for Rabobank Turkey and have been providing support & maintenance service for them.

Turkiye Finans is one of the biggest Islamic banks in Turkey. We developed their internet banking system (both retail and corporate) from scratch.

Intertech is the technology company of Denizbank, but is also the number one FinTech company in Turkey. We are the leading solution provider of Intertech and have been providing software development services for most of their solutions and products.

Slashpay is a new payment system and e-commerce solution. It runs on iOS and Android. We are the one and only technology provider of Slashpay and we developed the whole system from scratch.

Established in late 2015 in the UK, Coe Solutions became an independent niche provider of Finance (Supply Chain Finance, Credit Card Finance as well as the traditional Disclosed Receivables Finance and Confidential Receivables Finance). We are the technology provider.

Ziraat Bank International AG is the investment of the largest Turkish bank (Ziraat Bankasi). It is based in Germany. We worked in adapting and deploying interVision and we have been providing support and maintenance services for them.

We worked in adapting and deploying interVision for Pasha Bank Turkey and have been providing support & maintenance service for them.

Burgan Bank (former Eurobank Tekfen) is the first bank other than Denizbank that bought interVision. We worked intensively to make interVision to fulfil their requirements, which turned interVision into a true generic banking system that is being used by 20 banks now.

Standard Chartered (former Credit Agricole Turkey) is one of the banks that we adapted and deployed interVision for. We have been providing support and maintenance service since then.

Iktisatbank is the first bank in Cyprus that purchased interVision. Most of the modules were either refactored or developed from scratch. We took a considerable role in this process to make the system fulfil the requirements in Cyprus. Besides, we developed Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system from scratch. We have been providing support and maintenance services as well as development of new requirements. 

We worked in adapting and deploying interVision for Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ and have been providing support and maintenance service for them.

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